• flux mode : steady-state flux distribution , proportions of fluxes are fixed
  • elementary flux mode : nondecomposable flux mode, minimal set of enzymes that can operate at steady state with all irreversible reactions proceeding in the direction prescribed thermodynamically
  • linear superposition of elementary flux modes gives all possible steady state flux distributions
  • metabolites are internal or external, external metabolites are "clamped" (reactions don't affect their concentrations on the system-level), only internal metabolites have to fullfill the steady state condition (thus only external metabolites change in concentration, they can act as input and output).

Organizations and Elementary Flux Modes

  • organizations tend to be larger than comparable EFMs. In EFMS, reactions can be completely shut off. Not possible for an organization.
    MOVED TO... This might become possible if enzymes are modeled as explicit molecules ( metatool2rea -e ).
  • EFM is about reactions, OT is about molecules (well, molecules always implicitely include reactions)
  • EFM is about steady state, OT is about steady state or increasing mass

-- FlorianCentler - 16 Feb 2004

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