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-- DennisGoerlich - 19 Feb 2009


  • CAI-1
  • Cholera Autoinducer 1

Structural properties

Synthesis, Reception and Function

Species Synthesis Receptor Reference
Vibrio cholerae CqsA CqsS Higgins 2007
Vibrio harveyi CqsA CqsS Defoirdt 2008

Species presence -> +/- Function Reference
Vibrio cholerae - virulence Higgins 2007
Vibrio cholerae - biofilm Higgins 2007


  • Higgins et al. 2007, "The major Vibrio cholerae autoinducer and its role in virulence factor production" Nature(450) 883-886
  • Defoirdt et al. 2008
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