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Welcome to the ARTIFICIAL CHEMISTRY wepage!

News and Events


  • International Conference on Complex Systems: (ICCS) »2007
  • International Symposium on Artificial Life and Robotics
    (AROB 12th '07), » http://arob.cc.oita-u.ac.jp/Symposium.html
  • International Conference on Artificial Evolution »2007
  • ECAL »2007
  • GWAL
  • GECCO (Genetic and Evolutionary Computation COnference) »2007
  • European Conference on Complex Systems (ECCS) »2007
  • ALIFE »ArtificialLife X

Scientific journals

  • »Computational Biology and Chemistry
  • »Journal of Chemical Physics
  • »Journal of Computational Chemistry
  • »International Journal of Unconventional Computing

  • A list with »"useful Links" including Scientific Journals is available at the Webpage of TianhaiTian

    Forums and older conferences


    • » nUCLEAR is a discussion forum and seminar series with talks from top Alife/AI researchers twice a month.
    • WORKSHOP on Artificial Chemistry and Its Applications (ACA) » 2003 | 2004 | 2005
    • International Conference on Complex Systems (ICCS) » 2007
    • International Conference on Humans and Computers » 1998 | 1999 | 2000 | 2001 | 2002 | 2003 | 2004 | 2005 | 2006
    • International Symposium on Artificial Life and Robotics (AROB) » 1996 | 1997 | 1998 | 1999 | 2000 |2001 | 2002 | 2003 | 2004 | 2005 | 2006
    • International Conference on the Simulation and Synthesis of Living Systems (ALIFE) » 2004
    • European Conference on Artificial Life (ECAL) » 2005 | 2006 | 2007

    Some nice applets in the web dealing with experiments on artificial chemistry

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    Researchers on artificial chemistry

    Christoph C. H. Adami /

    Mr. Adami is a very famous researcher on the field of ArtificialLife. He is a professor at the California Institute of Technology and the Keck Graduate Institute and a founder of the Avida. Although he does no research on the field of artificial chemistry, he's listed here because of his co-autorship with several important people for artficial chemistry: » Homepage | » DBLP entry

    Mark A. Bedau /

    He is an internationally recognized leader in the study of complex adaptive systems. He is also leading the development of socially and ethically responsible practices for creating life-like systems. Dr. Bedau has been Professor of Philosophy and Humanities at Reed College since 1991, and has been Editor-in-Chief of the »Artificial Life journal since 2000. He holds a Ph.D. in Philosophy from the University of California at Berkeley (1985).

    Source: protolife.net, 2006-10-21.


    You might also visit Marc Bedau's »website. | »DBLP-entry

    Pamela M. Burrage /

    Dr. Burrage works at the University of Queensland, Australia, together with her husband KevinBurrage. She is interested in parallel computing, environmental modelling, numerical solution of differential equations an also in computational biology.


    No permission to view BiosysInternal.PeterDittrich

    James Doyne Farmer /

    Mr. Farmer is on of the pioneers of chaos theory and works currently as a McKinsey research professor at the SantaFe Institute.

    » Homepage | » J.D.Farmer @ the EDGE

    Walter Fontana /

    Mr. Fortana is a Professor and postdoctoral research fellow of the SantaFe Institute, USA. He currently works at the FontanaLab in Harvard doing research on aging in C.elegans. In the past years he worked in Vienna, Austria at the AlChemy-Project.

    »Homepage | »DBLP entry

    Martin M. Hanczyc /

    Dr. Hanczyc completed his Ph.D. in Genetics at Yale in 1999 and got a research fellow at the lab of JackSzostak. Since 2005 he's the chief chemist of ProtoLife. Mr. Hanczyc is an expert in lipid chemistry with big amount of knowledge in the field of soft materials and life sciences.

    The pages dedicated to him at the people section of ProtoLife are »here and »here | »DBLP-entry

    Takashi Ikegami /

    Professor Ikegami is one of the leading researchers in complex systems and artificial life in japan. He leads the Ikegami Laboratory at the University of Tokyo and also did research in artificial chemistry: more

    » Homepage | » DBLP entry

    Stephen Jeffrey /

    Dr. Jeffrey is a member of KevinBurrage's AdvancedComputationalModellingCentre. Unfortunately it does not seem to have personal homepage there.

    This article is a stub. Help completing it!

    Osamu Katai /

    Osamu Katai is a Doctor of Engineering at the Department of Systems Science of the Kyoto University, Japan. His fields of interest are intelligent and emergent systems, information theory on life systems and the communication between individuals of multi-agent systems.

    »homepage at the Kyoto University | »DBLP entry

    Hiroshi Kawakami /

    Osamu Katai is a Doctor of Engineering at the Department of Systems Science of the Kyoto University, Japan. His fields of interest are Ecological and Emergent System Design, Methodology of Collaborative Synthesis, Human-System Communication and Knowledge Information Processing.

    You may read more about this person at the homepages » here and » here | » DBLP entry

    Jan T. Kim /

    Mr. Kim is a Doctor at the School of Computing Sciences in Norwich, UK. He investigated evolution of regulatory networks and morphogenesis with a special focus on the evolution of flowering plants. In the last years he worked on the transcription factors and binding sites and also on computational models of biological systems.

    • Kim J.T. (2001) transsys: A generic formalism for modelling regulatory networks in morphogenesis » abstract.html * Kim J.T. (2005) Effects of Spatial Growth on Gene Expression Dynamics and on Regulatory Network Reconstruction » abstract.html

    » Homepage | » DBLP entry

    Sanjeev Kumar /

    Sanjeev Kumar is an Ph.D. currently working at the Evolutionary Computation Lab. at George Mason University in Fairfax, USA. He resaerches on the field of computational development and evolutionary algorithms, complex adaptive systems as like on theoretical biology. Although he has no papers handling with artificial chemistry he is listed here because Mr. Kumar is a co-founder of »nUCLEAR.

    More information available on his »Homepage (not available?) | »Homepage (other?) | »DBLP entry

    Shuichi Matsuzaki /

    Mr. Matsuzaki was a student at the University of Aizu in Aizu-Wakamatsu, Japan. He became doctor in 2005 an left Aizu to continue research at an other japanese university. He published some papers together with HideakiSuzuki and MinetadaOsano:

    »DBLP entry

    John S. McCaskill /

    John S. McCaskill is a Professor of Theoretical Biochemistry, working at the Friedrich-Schiller-University in Jena and Bochum. Professor McCaskill is the leader of the BioMIP research group and currently coordinates the EU integrated project Programmable Artificial Cell Evolution » PACE).

    » DBLP entry

    José Augusto Caldeira Pereira /

    José Pereira works at the Institute of Biomedical Sciences of Abel Salazar, Portugal. His interests are directed to the observation and modelling of complex chemical systems, especially cellular automaton and nucleotide prebiotic chemistry. His actual field of work is the spontaneous organization of open CSTR (continuous stirred tank reactor) systems containing activated nucleotides.

    AC related papers:

    • José A. Pereira (2005) A biochemistry-inspired artificial chemistry » pdf * José A. Pereira (1997) An extended cellular automata method applied to the simulation of auto-catalytic and self-replicative molecular behaviour » poster in pdf

    » José's personal page at the Institute | » other personal page

    Steen Rasmussen /

    Dr. Rasmussen is the leader of the Self-Organizing Systems team at Los Alamos, USA, and an external professor at the Sante Fe Institute. He also leads the Los Alamos Protocell Assembly project. Dr. Rasmussen was one of the founders of the ArtificialLife moement and is interested in representation, generation and control of self organizing systems.

    Visit his »homepage here. | »DBLP-entry

    Hidefumi Sawai /

    Mr. Sawai is the current director of the Project Promotion Office of the Kobe Advanced ICT Research Center near Kobe, Japan. His work is devoted to Intelligent Information Processing based on Perceptual and Evolutionary Mechanisms. He researches on Neural Networks, Genetic Algorithms, Artificial Life, Information Processing based on Evolutionary Computation Mechanisms, Pattern Recognition, Image Recognition, and Speech Recognition.

    His website can be found » here. | » DBLP entry

    Takayuki Shiose /

    Mr. Takayuki Shiose is a visiting Researcher at the NetworkInformatiosLaboratories in Kyoto, Japan.

    »Homepage ??

    This article is a stub. Help completing it!

    Bärbel Stadler /

    Bärbel Stadler is an austrian PhD working at the bioinformatics institute and the Max Planck Institute for Mathematics in Leipzig, Germany. She did much work on on adaptive dynamics in spatial voting games in combination with different types of ligation-based replicators. more papers

    The website of Bärbel Stadler can be found here. | DBLP entry

    No permission to view BiosysInternal.PietroSperoni

    Hideaki Suzuki /

    H. Suzuki is currently a senior reseacher at ATR Network Informatics Laboratories in Kyoto, Japan. His interests are related to the application of evolution to computational purposes. He studied the design of artificial evolutionary systems and invested much work in so called MUNCs - Multiple von Neumann Computers. Another project of him was the so called SelMar, an approach of simulation of biochemical catalytic reactions. He also studied crossover acceleration in genetic algorithms using methods of population genetics and did experiments on string-based artificial chemistry (SAC).

    AC related papers:


    more papers and information are available at the » homepage of Hideaki Suzuki | » DBLP entry

    Tianhai Tian /

    ... is a senior research fellow at the Advanced Computational Modelling Centre of the University of Queensland. Amon other things, he is interested in stochastic modelling of biological systems and numerical methods for stochastic differential equations.

    His papers with relation to chemical systems are:


    » Homepage | » DBLP entry

    Kikuo Yuta /

    Kikuo Yuta is a member of the research team of the » ATR Network Informatics Laboratories in Kyoto, Japan. Artificial chemistry related paper:

    » Homepage ?? | » DBLP entry

    This article is a stub. Help completing it!

    This text is just a placeholder.

    To learn, how to replace it, visit the FAQ.

    Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit. Nunc accumsan aliquet urna. Aliquam nisl. Quisque eu elit. Nam sodales tincidunt nisi. Aenean dolor velit, ultricies id, egestas a, elementum at, turpis. Donec nunc. Cras leo. Proin ornare facilisis erat. Fusce ut nulla. Duis iaculis felis euismod sapien. Nam suscipit ante. Etiam vitae augue. Sed quis pede. Vestibulum lobortis est ut purus.

    Flaggen und Banner von » http://www.nationalflaggen.de
    flags and banners from » http://www.nationalflaggen.de

    Wolfgang Banzhaf /

    W.Banzhaf is a prominent researcher working in collaboration with his students, research associates and colleagues in the area of evolutionary computation. His main fields of interest are: genetic programming, evolvable machines and evolutionary algorithms, artificial life and complex systems in general. He also worked on molecular and neuro-computetion. At current time he works at the Department of Computer Science, Memorial University of Newfoundland, Canada.

    AC related papers:

    You will find more of Wolfgang Banzhaf's publications and information about his projects on his »Homepage | »DBLP-entry

    Kevin Burrage /

    Kevin Burrage is a Professor of Computational Mathematics at the University of Queensland, Australia, and was a former member of the » Institute for Molecular Bioscience of the University. He also is the director of the Advanced Computational Modelling Centre. Since 2003 he works as a Federation Fellow. His fields of interest are: (multi-scale) modelling in biological sciences, computational biology and some special mathematical fields. He did some work on modelling and creating chemical systems, as you can see here:

    » Homepage | » DBLP-entry

    Jens Busch /

    Jens Busch has been a student of WolfgangBanzhaf and worked in his research group.

    » Homepage

    Leo Buss /

    Leo Buss is a Professor at the Department of Geology and Geophysics of the University of Yale, USA. He published papers together with WalterFontana and does research at the field of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology.

    » Homepage | » DBLP entry

    Keith Downing /

    Keith Downing is a Professor of Computer Science at The Norwegian University of Science and Technology in Trondheim, Norway. His interests are widely spread in the fields of artificial intelligence, modelling and simulation, physiology, environmental science and artificial life. Here are some of his papers, which handle with artificial chemistries:

    You might visit Keith Downing's homepage here.

    Yoshi Fujiwara /

    Mr. Fujiwara is a senior researcher at the ATR-NIS Network Informatics Lab. As such he does research in complexity theory and also in dynamic networks, emergent phenomena and artificial chemistry.

    »Homepage | »DBL entry

    Timothy James ("Tim") Hutton /

    Tim Hutton is a Research Fellow & PhD student from the Eastman Dental Institute, University College London. He worked on bioscience computing such as research on evolvable Systems and self-replicating structures in artificial chemistries. Further work of him is related to the biomedical sector, e.g. medical image processing and computer vision research. He also did application development for hand-held devices and general application development.

    He also publicated papers related to AC:


    More personal information is given at his homepage » sq3.org.uk | » DBLP-entry

    Yoh Iwasa /

    Mr. Iwasa is a Professor of Theoretical Biology at the Department of Biology, Kyushu University, Japan. As such he is of course interested in Theoretical Biology. Examples of his study areas include: pattern formation in cone mosaic of fish retina, leaf vein formation, circadian rhythm, somatic evolution of cancer, genomic imprinting, mate preference evolution, forest dynamics both in temperate and tropics, species coexistence and diversity in coral reef, and population extinction risk of animals and plants. Although he his main work uses methods of population biology, he also has a paper wich might be assigned with artificial chemistry, too:

    »Homepage | »DBLP entry

    Kunihiko Kaneko /

    Professor Kaneko is the leader of the KanekoLaboratory at the University of Tokyo, Japan. He and his team do research on all fields of complex systems, especially tracting cell models and replication systems.

    • Furusawa C., Kaneko K. (2006) Evolutionary origin of power-laws in Biochemical Reaction Network; embedding abundance distribution into topology » paper.pdf * Kaneko K. (2005) On Recursive Production and Evolvabilty of Cells: Catalytic Reaction Network Approach » paper.pdf * Kaneko K. (2003) Recursiveness, Switching, and Fluctuations in a Replicating Catalytic Network » paper.pdf
    » Homepage of the Kaneko Lab | » DBLP entry

    Stuart A. Kauffman /

    Dr. Kauffman is professor of biochemistry at the University of Pennsylvania and at the SantaFe Institute. He began as a theoretical biologist studying molecular organization at the origin of life.

    »Stuart Kauffman at the Edge | »Homepage 1 | »Homepage 2 | »DBLP entry

    Carsten Knudsen /

    Mr. Knudsen is an associate Professor of Physics at the Technical University of Denmark in Kongens Lyngby. He is interested in the theoretical aspects and application of dynamical systems and chaos theory. Most of his work is on nonlinear behavior of oscillating systems.

    There's one paper which has relation to artificial chemistry, too:

    » Homepage | » DBLP entry

    André Leier /

    Dr. André Leier is a former student of WolfgangBanzhaf which currently works on Artificial Genetic Regulatiory Networks and Evolutionary Quantum Circuit Design. He works in the AdvancedComputationalModellingCentre of KevinBurrage.

    Here is his » webiste at the University of Queensland, Australia | » DBLP entry

    Bernd Mayer /

    Bernd Mayer is a member of the emergentec research group, which search for disease associated marker proteins. He also is a Professor at the Department of theoretical Chemistry of the University of Vienna, Austria.

    » Homepage of emergentec with Link to personal description | » DBLP entry

    Sidney Markowitz /

    Sidney Markowitz is a PhD student at the Computer Science Department of the University of Auckland and the New Zealand Bioinformatics Institute. He presented his first paper "Simulation Models of Prebiotic Evolution of Genetic Coding" at the » Artificial Life X Conference.

    Markowitz S., Drummond A., Nieselt K., Wills P.R. (2007) Simulation Model of Prebiotic Evolution of Genetic Coding » paper.pdf

    Homepage here | DBLP entry

    Naoaki Ono /

    Naoaki Ono was a Doctor (or student ?) at the IkegamiLab at the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences of the University of Tokyo, Japan.

    I'm interested in the origins of primitive self-maintaining cells, how such structure can emerge from the pre-cellular environment. To approach these problems, I am studing on the abstract chemial model which simulates the non-equilibrium chemical reactions and self-organization of membrane molecules.

    Source: Backup of the Ikegami Lab. Website, 2006-10-21.

    A few more information can be found at »http://www.his.atr.jp/~nono/ | »DBLP entry

    Wojciech Piaseczny /


    This article is a stub. Help completing it!

    Thomas S. Ray /

    Thomas Ray is the developer of the famous Tierra software. He began as biologist in the 1980s and Some papers in Artificial Life and got interested in artificial life in the 1990s. He also implemented VirtualLife, which is a derivate of EvolvedVirtualCreatures by KarlSims. He works currently at the University of Oklahoma, Norman, USA. Thomas S. Ray also offered some papers related to artificial chemistrys, which are linked below:


    » Homepage of Thomas Ray | » DBLP entry

    Santiago Schnell /

    Prof. Schnell is the Associate Director of the Biocomplexity Institute of the Indiana University, USA. As such he is an Assistant Professor of Informatics, Physics and Biology. He researches on the field of systems biology an studies complex biochemical pathways and networks. He also is the leader of the »Complex System group at Indiana University School of Informatics.

    »Homepage at the Indiana University | »DBLP entry

    Andre Skusa /

    Until the end of 2005, Mr. Skusa has been a PhD student at the University of Bielefeld, Germany. Since January 2006 he works as a software consultant at the company syskoplan. His main research fields have been complex systems, data mining and biological data integration as like as relating complex adaptive systems to real biological data.

    There's one paper he offered together with Wolfgang Banzhaf et al:

    » Hompage at the University and » private homepage | » DBLP entry

    Peter Stadler /

    Peter Stadler is a Professor of theoretical biochemistry and bioinformatic at the university of Leipzig, Germany.

    This article is a stub. Help completing it!

    more papers

    Here is Peter Stadler's homepage. | DBLP entry

    Jack W. Szostak /

    Professor Jack Szostak is the leader of the SzostakLab in Boston, USA. He was one of the researchers, which found out, that rna can have catalytic function in vivo. He is also credited with the construction of the world's first yeast artificial chromosome. Since that time he and his team work on creating new functional rnas in vitro and in the newest time on the creation of an artificial autoreplicative and self-maintaining cell.

    » Szostak Lab | » personal page

    Thomas E. Turner /

    Thomas Turner is a postgraduate student in the Chemistry Department of Imperial College London, UK. His research is devoted to the simulation of molecular dynamics of EGFR. He has two publications, so far:

    »Homepage | »DBLP entry

    Peter R. Wills /

    As a scientist in the field of physical biochemistry, Professor Peter Willis investigated facts on some diseases an later began to interest for the origin of life. He worked for a while with Stuart Kauffman at the SantaFe Institute, with Manfred Eigen in Göttingen and also with John McCaskill in Bonn. In collaboration with other scientists, he contributed to theories of genetic coding and autocatalytic networks and critical-state self-organised systems.

    Here are some of his papers:

    »Homepage at the »University of Auckland

    Jens Ziegler /

    Dr. Ziegler was a former student of WolfgangBanzhaf and researcher at the field of artificial life and artificial chemistry. Today, he works at the National office for data processing and statistics of North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany.

    His main publications on artificial chemistry are:

    It seems like there's no personal homepage available. (If i'm wrong, please correct me at DiscussTheACSite) | » DBLP entry

    This text is just a placeholder.

    To learn, how to replace it, visit the FAQ.

    Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit. Nunc accumsan aliquet urna. Aliquam nisl. Quisque eu elit. Nam sodales tincidunt nisi. Aenean dolor velit, ultricies id, egestas a, elementum at, turpis. Donec nunc. Cras leo. Proin ornare facilisis erat. Fusce ut nulla. Duis iaculis felis euismod sapien. Nam suscipit ante. Etiam vitae augue. Sed quis pede. Vestibulum lobortis est ut purus.

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